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I have always sewn – my earliest memory of sewing is of being taught by my Grandmother how to darn (I do not think my own daughter would even know what the word means!)

My mother sewed from appliqué to upholstery and everything in-between. I continued the family tradition to eke out my meagre grant, as an art student, by designing and making my own clothes. It took many years working as a graphic designer before I saw the chance of combining my two passions, sewing and design.

My inspiration is almost always an emotional response to colour, and quilting is just painting with cloth. There is also an element of discipline and problem solving in it, and I enjoy that too.  I do not have an obvious signature in my work, I wish I did, but I do consciously try to be original.But sometimes all you want is a lovely comforting traditional quilt wrapped around your knees!

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Pauline Fowler

....This is Now That was Then